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Hi, I'm Dr. Matt, Principal Dentist at Accent Dentists, and Founding Member of the NZ Cosmetic Academy of Dentistry. Yes, we do Cosmetic Dental Implants - many of our patients choose them for helping with discoloured, damaged teeth, and the improved smile they want. Check out some of our recent case studies below. You can also check out our over 245+ Google Reviews from delighted clients. 

"Every new patient I see will sit down with me for a one-hour appointment, so I can get to know them, and what's important to them, and they can get to know me. I won't tell you what to do - I'll give you options, and you choose what's best for you." 

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Sonia was unhappy with the look of her front teeth, especially with how chipped and worn they were. She also didn't like the colour. Underlying the cosmetic look of her teeth was an underlying problem caused by loss of support and height in her back teeth. This placed excessive force on her front teeth which are simply not designed to carry these sort of loads, with consequent wear and significant chipping. Find out more about Sonia's Full Mouth Recontruction journey here. 

"Thank you Matt and the team for giving me back my smile and the ability to speak with confidence once again"


More Details On Sonia's Full Mouth Reconstruction




We needed to open Jo’s bite to strengthen and prevent her from breaking any more of her back teeth, which up until then had been a significant problem. Opening her bite allowed us to create space in which we could do the cosmetic work she desired at the front of her mouth. Jo wanted a very natural aesthetic. Overall we gave her a full mouth reconstruction, including 13 dental crowns, 12 porcelain teeth veneers and 1 bridge. Minor laser was used to improve gum symmetry. Because of the signifant amount of dental work required, we worked collaboratively to plan a staged approach incorporating long-term temporaries. This ensured Jo was comfortable with the new bite height of her back teeth throughout the process. Find out more about Jo's journey here. 

Jo wanted a very natural aesthetic. We gave her a full mouth reconstruction and minor laser was also used. "I have only praise for Dr. Matt and his team. They worked miracles…” - Jo




A simple, elegant and cost-effective solution for Penny was one crown and small cantilever bridge. “Getting my teeth done has been like a dream come true for me. I am extremely happy. The final result is amazing!" - Penny




Julie wanted to fill in two gaps that she had been born with. She was fed up with a loose and tired denture that she hated because it moved, and got food stuck under it all the time. Once her 2 dental implants were placed where she was missing her two teeth, what was a relatively simple case transformed her appearance, confidence and got rid of the hated denture. 


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Dr. Matt offer's complimentary 15 min consults for cosmetic dentistry treatments - if you're considering any of this for your teeth (dental implants, fixing worn down, missing, chipped or broken teeth, new dental veneers, replacing dental veneers, cerec crowns, dental makeovers, or even full mouth reconstructions (we do these too), please ask us about booking your 15min complementary consult with Dr. Matt, a NZ dentist, and Founding Member of the NZ Academy Cosmetic Dentistry (NZACD). Our focus is natural looking beautiful teeth that make you want to smile.These consults are appropriate if you want to talk through the options available to you, or just want a second opinion.

Please note we do offer payment plans on certain treatments. Also please see our 245+ Google Reviews.