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"I now feel I have brand new teeth and am absolutely thrilled." ~ Suzannah H.

"With the help of Dr. Matt I have transformed my dental health, and got my smile back I used to cover with my hand." ~ Bill N.

“I had my 1st treatment with Karen Hobbs today, and i have to say she is the best Hygienist I’ve ever been to. Total Professional, who made me feel at ease instantly, also it was pain free which is a total 1st for me and Hygienist’s!!” - Kim H

"My first consultation was simply about Dr. Matt getting to know about me, my dental history, and what I wanted out of a dentist." ~ Dr. John M.

"I spoke to many cosmetic dentists before choosing to go with Dr. Matt and his team at Accent. I couldn't be happier with that choice." ~ Sara A.

"I cannot express just how grateful I am. You performed the entire process with a great deal of care and expertise, hence it was a near painless procedure." ~ Alison C.

"I wanted a natural look and Dr. Matt worked meticulously to give me 2 new front teeth that look like they're mine and have always been there. I quite happily flash a big smile now." ~ Serena

"Accent is the most professionally run company I have ever dealt with in New Zealand. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a good and reliable dentist." ~ Sheri M.

"For someone who's had a dentist phobia all my life, I think I'm cured! Your service was, quick, friendly, professional and most importantly, painless. ~ Nicky M.

"Thanks so much for your fantastic work. After 8 years it was not until I came to Accent that I felt comfortable and confident about the treatment I was receiving." ~ Malcolm C.

"I can't say enough good things about the tremendous job you did, and the attention to detail which was most reassuring. It's really brought about a positive change in my life." ~ Dave B.

"Hi Matt, Thank you, your advice to replace those old amalgam fillings was the best thing I have done in years. Great professional advice and a great result." ~ Brian C.

"Learning how to smile again was the most difficult part...There is nothing more satisfying to me as being able to laugh freely and openly." ~ Beth

"The best dentist...great staff and great technology...Nothing much else to say on the subject". ~ Geoff D.

"Matt and the crew make it a pleasure to go to the dentist". ~ Peter B.

"Although I live in the Gold Coast Australia, I still say the best dentist I've had is the team at Accent". ~ Janice A.

"Both Grace and Dr. Matt are wonderful! Have recommended to friends, workmates and family. All love them!". ~ Tania-Lee H.

"I have only praise for Dr. Matt and his team. They worked miracles." ~ Jo

"I couldn't be happier with the result and couldn't recommend Dr. Matt and the team more highly...Makes me smile." ~ Andrea

"I am enjoying all the compliments about my 'new front teeth', it's nice to have my smile back...really pleased with the result." ~ Robert

"The results are better than I could have hoped for, the treatment quick and after effects barely noticeable. My smile looks amazing. Thanks." ~ Aprilanne B.

"I would just like to thank Dr. Matt & his team for the great job done on my new bridge.  I haven’t stopped smiling." ~ Aileen

"For many years the only photo I didn’t mind was my passport photo – no teeth showing. That’s now changed thanks to the magical work done by Dr. Matt & his team." ~ Maurice R.

"Getting my teeth done has been like a dream come true for me. Thanks to Matt and the team, I am extremely happy with the outcome. The final result was amazing." ~ Penny

"I have been greeted like an old friend by everyone and felt 100% confident in the service and treatment I have been given by the team at Accent. Thank you so much." ~ Suzannah H.

"I have got the smile back I used to cover up with my hand. So painless I've nearly fallen asleep…It's never too late." ~ Bill N.

"Dr. Matt has given me a beautiful, natural set of teeth that I will always be grateful for". ~ Beth

"I am thrilled with the outcome. Thanks to the expertise and care taken by Dr. Matt I had the utmost confidence throughout the entire process". ~ Sonja I

"Thank you Matt and the team for giving me back my smile and my ability to speak with confidence again". ~ Sonja I

"I love my new smile and plan to use it frequently." ~ Nicky M.

"Dr. Matt has given me a beautiful, natural set of teeth that I will always be grateful for". ~ Beth

"Perhaps it is because it has been cleverly done that I am getting lots of comments on how well I am looking, but perhaps it is because I have learnt to smile openly again".  ~ Jo

"My new teeth look very natural and the colour match is perfect." ~ Maurice R.

"The final product is better than any of my expectations and I wish I had done it years ago. Well done Accent.” ~ Aileen

"I can honestly say it was the best decision, I love my new front teeth, they are perfectly matched to my other teeth and although amazingly different and fabulous to me, they also look very natural." ~ Angela B

"People say I look great... I have a lot more confidence, I am smiling more and I no longer cringe at seeing photos of myself with ugly crooked stained front teeth." ~ Angela B

"As always Matt ensured I was comfortable at all times and made it a stress free experience. I would recommend having veneers and can guarantee it is pretty easy and pain free." ~ Angela B

"The team at Accent listened and never pressured me to make a decision or undertake additional work. The result is totally natural - my 6 veneers were expertly made and matched to my teeth colouring exactly." ~ Geoff L

"The team at Accent Dentists work seamlessly and their communication is faultless - they went the extra mile to work with my busy schedule... I have no hesitation in recommending Matt and the team at Accent Dentists." - Geoff L

Matt allowed me space to consider options, offered me an alternative to local anaesthesia, and new beautiful teeth...healing my fears of dentistry as well as giving me a new confident smile. I really couldn't be happier." - Pam A-B.