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"Hi Matt, Thank you, your advice to replace those old amalgam fillings was the best thing I have done in years." ~ Brian C. 

Composite-fillingsAppearance of a filling free mouth 

At Accent Dental we can replace your mercury amalgam fillings with dental tooth fillings that are made of composite - bonded onto your existing teeth after the amalgam is removed. These white fillings are virtually invisible and offer you a much whiter smile.

And when you laugh, it will appear as if you are completely filling-free!

Plus your new composite filling will bond onto your surrounding tooth enamel in a much better way than old style amalgam fillings, and in this way can make an otherwise fragile tooth much stronger (note; old style ones, while made from a stronger material, have the disadvantage of weakening the existing tooth as they require more of the existing tooth structure to be cut back).

Health advantages of replacing amalgam

From a health perspective, the latest research points to many advantages of replacing amalgam fillings, as the mercury in amalgam is potentially toxic and thus harmful for your overall health. Amalgam is released into the bloodstream due to expansion effects of the metal in combination with mechanical stresses due to grinding and chewing. 

That said, great care needs to be taken when replacing old almalgam fillings with a new tooth filling, so that mercury is not absorbed into the body. Doing so involves the use of rubber dams and proper evacuation procedures.

White fillings can also be weakened by high alcohol consumption, so if this is a factor for you, you need to discuss it with your dentist. The biggest disadvantage of composite fillings versus old style ones is the cost - they typically cost 1.5 - 2 times more. They can also stain in ways that metal can't and their longevity is less.

Gold and ceramic alternatives

A dental tooth filling does not have to be made of composite material - you can also use gold or ceramic as other alternatives. In the creation of any new dental filling Accent is always amalgam free. 

If you would like to know more about the replacement of amalgam fillings or about our principal dentist Dr. Matt Sumner, please call us today. We welcome new patients. Find out more.