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"I am enjoying all the compliments about my 'new front teeth', it's nice to have my smile back...really pleased with the result." ~ Robert

Root Canal Dental Treatment Endo

Root Canal Auckland

Accent Dental are Auckland dentistry specialists in root canal treatment, and we use the most advanced technology available to help ensure your dental care and comfort. 

But what exactly what is a root canal filling? Inside each of your teeth is a fine space called a root canal - containing nerves and blood vessels (collectively called the dental pulp).

If this pulp becomes diseased you end up with a possible abscess and most likely a bad toothache. Although this isn't pleasant, the good news is that rather than extract your diseased or rotten tooth, you can keep your tooth via a root canal treatment. Ultimately, it's much better for you if your teeth aren't removed.

Root canal treatment procedure

The process is as follows. First we will x-ray your teeth to identify exactly which tooth is the problem (often when you have a toothache due to disease of the root canal, surrounding teeth will also be in pain). A rubber dam (simply a latex sheet) will be placed around your tooth to isolate it, and then access to your root canal is made via drilling a whole from the top of your tooth.

The root canal is then cleaned of all infection with treatment culminating in the root canal being sealed up using a dental filling. Often, in order to restore and strengthen your tooth properly, a dental crown will be required to finish the procedure.


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