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Have a look at some of our actual patients and the dental aesthetics work we've done for them in the replacing dental veneers for new porcelain veneers. You can also check out our over 245+ Google Reviews. We offer payment plans to suit your needs. 

Dr. Matt: "Every new patient I see will sit down with me for a one-hour appointment, so I can get to know them, and what's important to them, and they can get to know me. I won't tell you what to do - I'll give you options, and you choose what's best for you."

Replacing Dental Veneers - Patient Case Studies




Jo had some composite work done on her front teeth many years ago, but while still unhappy with them, had also been advised not to do any work on them or they would shatter. She was also missing some lateral teeth.

Concerned with her options, she still wanted a natural look, protecting her teeth structure, and without uising implants or orthodontics. Jo was delighted with her new dental veneers, and you can see why!  She's a great example of someone who has had previous dental work and who wanted her old dental veneers replaced for an improved aesthetic (without using implants or orthodontics).

"Matt and Karen are simply amazing! I did a Google search for Dentists specializing in veneers close to me and came across some really wonderful reviews for Accent Dentists. I was nervous about replacing veneers which were well over 20yrs old. Matt was so patient and kind, walking me through each and every step of the process, proving a personal touch that really made a difference. The end-to-end process and experience, including temp veneers, was super easy and painless. I love my new smile. I’m no longer as nervous about going to the Dentist (including hygiene appointments!) thanks to this wonderful team who demonstrated every step of the way that they genuinely care, including Lucy on Reception. Thank you Accent Dentists for making me smile again." - Jo.


Freya Replace Dental Veneers


Freya was encouraged to get her front teeth veneered by another dentist and she decided to check us out to do them instead. The large existing plastic fillings on her teeth had discolored with time, as they are prone to do, and that discoloration was what bothered Freya enough to want to do something about them. We discussed changing them over to veneers to achieve a longer lasting solution and the veneers also had the added advantage of being able to subtly straighten things and make the teeth less prominent in Freyas smile. This case went extremely well as you can see and everyone was delighted with the result, so much so that Freya has now encouraged her partner to come and see us too! "I am absolutely delighted with the veneers on my two front teeth...Matt's calm presence, clear communication and his ability to be incredibly gentle resulting in a completely pain free procedure made me feel completely at ease." - Freya T




Peter had previous dental veners, but was unhappy with the aesthetic. We took a lot of time and care crafting temporary veneers the exact shape and size he liked before committing to the final permanent ones so as to meet Peter's natural aesthetic. Peter is a very good example of replacing veneers, where the look and feel is subtle but matching their exact desired aesthetic. He's also a good example of where we worked fastidiously with him in crafting termporaries prior to the final result, to ensure he got exactly what he wanted. We're pleased to say he's delighted with the result!




Nina had a beautiful smile, and wanted to touch up a couple of minor imperfections. Her solution involved contouring the edges of 3 teeth, along with 1 new veneer on her front, and one dental crown at the front also. We're pleased she's delighted with her results!


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Dr. Matt offer's complimentary 15 min consults for cosmetic dentistry treatments - if you're considering any of this for your teeth (closing gaps, straightening up teeth, replacing dental veneers, dental makeovers, cerec crowns, implants, or even full mouth reconstructions (we do these too), please ask us about booking your 15min complementary consult with Dr. Matt, a NZ dentist, and Founding Member of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (NZACD). Our focus is natural looking beautiful teeth that make you want to smile.These consults are appropriate if you want to talk through the options available to you, or just want a second opinion.

Please note we do offer payment plans on certain treatments. Also please see our 245+ Google Reviews.