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Fundraising for Totara Hospice



CHARGED: Being world famous in Auckland & known as one of the industry’s top cosmetic dentists.

As a member of BNI Metro, I've been put under arrest and need your help raising bail!


Through local BNI chapter, Matt is responsible for supporting Totara Hospice who provide free care for those patients living with a terminal illness, alongside support and care for the patient and their whanau. Totara Hospice is not fully funded by the government and must raise over $4million every year to continue to operate and support their community. Earlier this year Matt personally raised $2000 for the Hospice, and through the combined efforts of his BNI
networking chapter, where he sits on the leadership team as the Hospice champion, a further $4000 was raised recently in October 2019.

Matt will continue to support this great cause next year, and in the meantime, he and the team wish everyone a happy, safe and joyful
summer with friends and family.

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Meet Joy, winner of our $15,000 Christmas Pro-Bono Cosmetic Smile 

In 2018 and 2017 we ran a competition to gift a new smile to a lucky recipient for Christmas - and we gifted it fully to them! 


Here's lucky winner Joy's story:

"Entering the competition through Accent Dentists has been an incredible journey for me. Let’s start at the beginning…..

Like many people of my age I grew up with the school dental clinic or ‘Murder House’ as it was called and I can also remember being taken by bus with other children to the dental nurse training school in Mt Eden. I developed from an early age an acute fear of dentists. The smell, the chair, the suction pipe and the drill terrified me even into adulthood.

My front teeth were crooked, patched and discoloured and I was hugely self-conscious...

Read Joy's Full Story

Dr. Matt, Accent and The Team Also Regularly Donate to...


* Oxfam

* NZ Women's Refuge

* Westlake Boys Rowing