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"I have only praise for Dr. Matt and his team. They worked miracles." ~ Jo

Dental Implants

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Restore your smile

If you're missing a tooth, a dental implant could help get you smiling again.

Natural looking and long lasting, Dental Implants feel and function just like your original teeth and can last up to 30 years.

They don’t rely on your other teeth for support and can actually promote bone growth in your jaw. This means your dental implant won’t weaken your other teeth.

If you have good oral and general health you’re probably a good candidate – check here for more. 

Dental implants for more than one missing tooth

For more than one missing tooth, implant-supported bridges are a longer-lasting alternative; the bridge is supported by an implant, rather than by your other teeth. This avoids having to grind down your natural teeth, which can weaken them and cause problems in the long run.

Find out more on the pros and cons of tooth implants over other dental treatment options, or check out our implant case studies here. 

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A dental team you can trust

As one of Auckland’s leading dental practises, we focus on bringing you the best in patient care and comfort – whether you just need a check up or a full set of implants.

Leading dentist Dr. Matt Sumner and his team of experts use state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques. Dr Summer is also a founding member of the Dental Implant Network group and the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, so you know you’re in good hands.

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Cost of tooth implants

The price of each new tooth is a significant investment for you, ranging from between $5500 and $6500 (when bone grafting is not required) for the creation of your new bionic tooth root and crown. We use the best lab in Auckland, the best Auckland implant specialist, and pride ourselve on superb craftsmanship along with a natural aesthetic. We know you'll enjoy the benefits this provides. Make sure you check out our case studies!