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Gum Disease

Get help you need - feel confident

The key to a mouth free of gum disease is prevention, and this is much easier to achieve at Accent because we work alongside our patients to agree optimum dental treatment with them.

We can not emphasise enough how vital it is to get on top of any gum disease as soon as possible - not only to help you in the management of gruelling symptoms, like swollen or bleeding gums (not to mention the pain), but also because ultimately gum disease can result in tooth loss. Plus it negatively impacts the health on your entire body.

Manage gum disease before it's too late

If you want help managing your gum disease, come and see us as soon as possible. Gingivitis, a term for the inflammation of the gums, is an entirely manageable condition, but if left untreated it can progress to periodontitis (inflammation around the tooth). It is this latter condition which is more serious and can result in tooth loss.

On your first appointment we will spend time getting to know you and understanding your wishes. We will then help you through the decision process of managing your treatment; discussing all options thoroughly with you, and helping you to weigh the pros and cons of each choice on offer.

Accent is one of the leading dental practice's in Auckland, and we offer a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry services.

P.Ss. For more information discover what the NZDA has to say on gum disease.