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"Thank you Matt and the team for giving me back my smile and the ability to speak with confidence once again".

HeadshotSonia was unhappy with the look of her front teeth, especially with how chipped and worn they were. She also didn't like the colour. Underlying the cosmetic look of her teeth was an underlying problem caused by loss of support and height in her back teeth. This placed excessive force on her front teeth which are simply not designed to carry these sort of loads, with consequent wear and significant chipping.

In Sonia's case we had no choice but to build more height into her back teeth; we did so by crowning them, and this helped to provide the space needed to restore the strength and appearance of her front teeth.

Sonia had a full mouth of crowns, and six veneers on her bottom front teeth.

With any change of height many different factors need to be taken into account; speech, chewing patterns, ratios of appearance, degree of display, soft tissue touch on just a few! A case like this requires significant planning, patience and attention to detail. Sonia was a simply superb patient and was a
delight to work with, and we were both very pleased with such a fantastic end result.

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The Smile After The Roof After The Front After


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