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"Hi Matt, Thank you, your advice to replace those old amalgam fillings was the best thing I have done in years. Great professional advice and a great result." ~ Brian C.

HygienistLook after the teeth you've got!

Great dental hygiene! Accent is privileged to have a fabulous full-time Oral Hygienist specialist on our Auckland dental team.

Their focus is to ensure your teeth have the best possible structure supporting them. You may not know that periodontal disease is the main form of tooth loss in adults - with over 80% of adults having some form of it!

This means if you want to keep the teeth you've got, regular dental hygiene visits is the most important thing you can do. In fact, if that's the only thing you do for your teeth, do that! Crucially regular visits also helps to manage the bad breath or bleeding gums that some of our patients have.

A smile that sparkles - feel confident

So while your visits will ensure your teeth look great (by removing staining caused by coffee/tea/wine & cigarettes and finishing off with a professional polish of your teeth), they will also review your gum attachment levels (pocket depths), clean your teeth of calculus and plaque, and check your jawbone levels.

This helps ensure you keep all the teeth you've got!

Plus, if this interests you, you can add one of our Teeth Whitening options to your treatment plans, something many of our Auckland dental hygiene clients are keen on. 

Reduce risk of unexpected costs 

In terms of regular maintenance, most of our patients have dental hygiene visits twice a year (more or less depending on individual cases). The cost of these visits is $220, and along with keeping your teeth in great shape, the real value is protecting the teeth you have (including new crowns or veneers), thus minimising unexpected costs by actively maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. 

For more information about please see what wikipedia has to say on dental hygiene.