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"The team at Accent listened and never pressured me to make a decision or undertake additional work. The result is totally natural - my 6 veneers were expertly made and matched to my teeth colouring exactly." ~ Geoff L

Invisalign Go is a fantastic new offering developed by Invisalign which enables us to straighten front teeth for cosmetic purposes. It doesn’t allow for bite correction in your back teeth but if you have good but crooked front teeth which you don’t like, this may be the best ‘drill free’ solution for you (especially if you have good teeth that have simply crowded in the front over the years).

It is also an excellent adjunct to other cosmetic procedures as it can significantly reduce the need for any tooth preparation/reduction if done prior, to say, veneers or crowns.

If you are interested in this, give us a call and we can talk you through your options.