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Have a look at some of our actual patients and the dental artistry work we've done for them. You can also check out our over 235+ Google Reviews. 

Dr. Matt: "Every new patient I see will sit down with me for a one-hour appointment, so I can get to know them, and what's important to them, and they can get to know me. I won't tell you what to do - I'll give you options, and you choose what's best for you."

 Teeth Whitening - Patient Case Studies 



"Highly experienced and very friendly team! Thanks to Matt, Paris, Emma and Lucy – I was put at ease immediately…I’m happy to report a completely pain free wisdom extraction! Thanks Accent!"

Chloe had 1 veneer, a whitening treatment and 1 wisdom tooth extracted. 


Andrea Before After


Andrea didn't like her chipped teeth resulting from an accident. We whitened them & made two natural-looking dental crowns.

"I've lived with chipped, cracked, capped, crooked, discoloured front teeth for 30 years. I never imagined myself with a straight, white, toothy smileWhen my temporary caps fell off I never expected such an amazing 'fix'. I couldn't be happier with the result and couldn't recommend Dr. Matt and the team more highly." - Andrea





Ed had a family member tell him he should do something about his teeth and then he decided this might be a good idea to look into. Upon reflection he didn’t like how short, grey and ‘gappy’ they were. We talked him through some options and then settled on a staged approach for him. We first did some soft tissue recontouring, then whitening and then some zirconia crowns (which are strong enough to resist the wear forces which had resulted from his grinding).

The beauty of this staged approach is that at each stage things improved significantly and he was able to really consider how much he wanted to continue to improve things before committing to that next step. We are absolutely delighted with Ed's end result and couldn’t be more thrilled for him. 


Diane Before After


“I can’t recommend Matt & his team highly enough. They are very warm and welcoming and very professional. Matt talked me through the process of the work being done and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Diane had 6 veeners completed after she did take home whitening.




Leela decided to do some soft tissue recontoring to make her teeth look longer and display less of a ‘gummy smile’. Then we whitened her teeth, and did a simple plastic filling to close a small space she didn’t like...

“I highly recommend Accent Dentists. Their advice is considered, and fantastic results speak for themselves.” - Leela


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Cosmetic Dental Consult 

We operate high pressure extractor fans to provide you with the cleanest air possible. We also offer a full range of Dental payment plan options on certain treatments, to help our customers meet their needs to spread dental payments over three to 12 months. If this would be helpful for you (as for many of our patients), please let us know. You can find out more about Dr. Matt here.

If you're considering consmetic dental work, please note we also offer 15 Min Complimentary Cosmetic Consults with Dr. Matt detailed below. Or call Lucy our Practice Manager to disucss your personal requrirements.


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Dr. Matt offer's complimentary 15 min consults for cosmetic dentistry treatments - if you're considering any of this for your teeth (closing gaps, straightening up teeth, new dental veneers, implants, cerec porcelain crowns, or even full mouth reconstructions (we do these too), please ask us about booking your 15min complementary consult with Dr. Matt, a NZ dentist, and Founding Member of the NZACD. Our focus is natural looking beautiful teeth that make you want to smile.These consults are appropriate if you want to talk through the options available to you, or just want a second opinion. 


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