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Why do I need to see both the Oral Health Therapist (Hygienist), and the Dentist?

Our rgistered Oral Health Therapist (Hygienist) is a health professional responsible for keeping your teeth and gums in optimum condition. Her role is two-fold; firstly, to care for your gums, which is especially important as most teeth are lost because of a painless bacterial infection that eats away at your jawbone, causing gum and jawbone (periodontal) disease.  Because bacteria breeds quietly in all of our mouths, we are all at risk of developing this infection.  Regular Active Maintenance appointments with your Oral Health Therapist helps to prevent you losing teeth, through preventing this bacterial infection. It also helps to manage common ailments such as bad breath and bleeding gums.  

Secondly, she will keep your teeth looking fabulous via a professional clean and polish. She'll remove all your staining caused by those vices we all love (coffee, tea, wine or cigarettes) and review your gum attachment levels, clean off all that calculus and plaque and check the bone levels around your teeth roots. This helps you to make sure you keep the teeth you already have! Find our more about Accent Dental's Oral Health Therapist.

At Accent our Dentist Dr. Matt is concerned with providing you with an overall assessment of your dental health, along with providing other General dentistry services that are both Restorative (e.g. replacement of amalgam fillings, fixing broken or missing teeth) or Preventative.

He can also provide you with Cosmetic dentistry services allowing you to have simply beautiful teeth, by providing you with a range of techniques to improve your smile. For example, dental implants, dental crowns, porcelain veneersdental bridges and teeth whitening solutions are popular treatments for many of our clients. Perhaps you have a gap that you'd like filled in, or maybe you simply want your teeth to be more uniform.

 At Accent Your Dentists, we know how important it is to look your best, and we all know your smile is one of your greatest assets. Let us make you look good!

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