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"Hi Matt, Thank you, your advice to replace those old amalgam fillings was the best thing I have done in years. Great professional advice and a great result." ~ Brian C.

Choosing the colour for your dental bridge

When considering dental bridges many people want to know how white their dental bridge should be. One way is to whiten your natural teeth to either the level of whiteness you want or to the brightest they can be.

Your dentist will then have your dental bridge made to that color. However there are more subtleties involved - teeth are of never monochromatic in colour, so typically more than one color is used to give your dental bridge a very natural look. This color variation is critical in avoiding fake or artificial looking teeth. It is the internal contrast of colors that help create vitality. The internal play of light on the porcelain in your dental bridge is what helps to create such vitality.

Surface texture is also very important, because it helps to break up light reflections and make a dental bridge appear more natural. Something else worth considering, is depending on your type of dental bridge , it's important that the dental crowns anchoring your bridge match both your dental bridge and the color of your natural teeth.

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