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"I would just like to thank Dr. Matt & his team for the great job done on my new bridge.  I haven’t stopped smiling." ~ Aileen

Cantilever dental bridges

Your dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth. Typically, if you have only one or two missing teeth, dental implants will be suggested by your dentist as the best tooth replacement solution for you. However with 2 or more missing teeth, a dental bridge will be a better solution. Because the adjacent teeth on either side of your teeth gap will provide structural support for your dental bridge the enamel on those teeth (the abutment teeth) will be trimmed so that a dental crown may be added to them; this crown then attaching to the replacement teeth in the centre of your dental bridge in place of your missing teeth.

Because tooth enamel is taken off possibly healthy teeth for the placement of dental bridges, cantilever dental bridges are a preferred option because they only attach to adjacent teeth on one side of the dental bridge. The drawback of a cantilever bridge is that only one tooth provides structural support for the missing teeth and as such can only be used in parts of the mouth subject to less chewing stress. 

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