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"When I was 18, I fell asleep driving and knocked out 4 of my front teeth. I had already had some difficult experiences with dentistry up to that time as a child. Now, 38 years later, with a few hiccup’s along the way with those implanted and bridged teeth, and a few root canals here and there, as well as many more difficult experiences with an uncomfortable side effect to the local anaesthesia - I was quite fearful and in great need of help. In fact, as my gum line receded, I had children ask me why my teeth were black (oh dear). They were right, I had a 'Nanny McPee tooth!'. Needless to say, my smile had changed to a grin.

I met Matt through our business network and immediately I felt that he was a man I could trust. Historically, I always felt out of control in regards to dental requirements, timing and cost, and although I knew 'I needed to get this done'; I didn't want all that went with the process. However!! Matt allowed me space to consider the options that he gave me. He offered me an alternative local anaesthesia which caused no issue at all. The process of getting these new beautiful teeth was in part a journey of healing my fears of dentistry as well as giving me a new confident smile.

Thank you to Matt and his team! I really couldn't be happier."


Pam came to see us to discuss the possibly of replacing her existing bridge and improve the overall appearance of her smile, Pam had a car accident 30 years ago and had a bridge placed, it had served its purpose and lasted a long time, but was starting to fail and due to the materials used there was shadowing around the gum line, with up to date technology we knew we could give her a new smile to be proud of.

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